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M3 is a deep learning system that infers demographic attributes directly from social media profiles—no further data is needed. This web demo showcases M3 on Twitter profiles, but M3 works on any similar profile data, in 32 languages. To learn more, please see our open-source Python library m3inference or read our Web Conference (WWW) 2019 paper for details. The paper also includes fully interpretable multilevel regression methods that estimate inclusion probabilities using the inferred demographic attributes to correct for sampling biases on social media platforms.

This web demo was created by Scott A. Hale and Graham McNeill. The plots are produced with the Vizsla JavaScript API for Vega-Lite, and the source code for this webapp is freely available. The research leading to M3 was carried out by Zijian Wang, Scott A. Hale, David Adelani, Przemyslaw A. Grabowicz, Timo Hartmann, Fabian Flöck, and David Jurgens.